Inferno Ferro Rods

Green Mega Bundle – Ferro Rod & Eco Blend

Save $$$ and Go GREEN with the Mega Inferno and 2oz Can of Eco Pyro Putty. Our Mega Inferno Ferro Rod features a piston-cylinder capsule that ensures a simple ignition. You can be confident when you have this firestarter with you, no matter the weather or situation. The Eco blend Pyro Putty will get your fire roaring in any weather condition.

- Green Ferro Rod with waterproof storage compartment
- Multi-tool with striker to use with Ferro Rod
- 2oz can of Eco Pyro Putty, guaranteed to get you lit.

Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

  • Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

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This ferro striker is the real deal! Fully concealed with a functioning piston/cylinder big enough to store 1oz of putty. Simply push the Ferro rod up to dispense the stored putty. The included multi-tool knife will send the spark of your life to ignite the putty!

- Sturdy and Robust
- Compartment to hold up to 1 Ounces of Pyro Putty Fire Starter
- Mega Inferno Ferro Rod Kit includes 2 Free 0.5 Oz Tins of Pyro Putty (1 Winter and 1 Summer Blend).

Mini Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

The Mini of our best-selling Mega Ferro Rod. The Mini-Mega stores enough Putty to get you Lit. Along with a stout Ferro Rod and Multi-tool you have all of the tools you need to start your fire. Super compact for ultra-portability.

- Compact and Ultra-Portable
- Compartment holds a Quarter-sized piece of Pyro Putty
- Mini Mega Ferro Rod Kit includes 3 foil packs of Pyro Putty and Multi-Tool striker.

  • pyro putty mini mega ferro rod

    MINI Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

    5.00 out of 5
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