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  • Waterproof firestarter for winter use

    Waterproof Fire Starter – Winter Blue Blend

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  • Elite dual arc rechargeable lighter with storage compartment

    Elite Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter

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    Pyro Putty Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter

    Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter

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  • Waterproof fire starters for every season

    Waterproof Fire Starter – 5 pack, 0.5 oz Cans

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  • Compact ferro rod for backpacking

    Compact Inferno Ferro Rod

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  • Ultra-lite waterproof firestarter for backpacking

    Waterproof Fire Starter – Ultra-Lite Yellow Blend

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  • Eco friendly waterproof fire starter

    Waterproof Fire Starter – Eco Green Blend

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  • Waterproof Fire Starter – Summer Orange Blend

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  • Summer and winter waterproof firestarters

    Summer / Winter Single-Use Foil Packs

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  • Winter Blue Blend Single-Use Foil Packs

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  • Extendable arc lighter for lighting grills and campfires

    Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter

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  • Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

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