All-Season Fire Kit


Start a fire in any season under any conditions with the All-Season Fire Kit.

Kit includes:

  • Telescoping Pocket Fire Bellow (plus Ferro rod and multi-tool)
  • Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter
  • 5 Pack of 0.5 oz cans of Putty (2 summer blend, 2 winter blend, 1 eco blend)


The All-Season Fire Kit allows you to start a fire whenever you need one. The kit comes with our Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter that gives you 300 strikes per charge, our Fire Bellow, and 5 0.5oz cans of putty. The 5 pack includes 2 cans of summer blend, 2 cans of winter blend, and 1 can of eco blend. Plus, the Fire Bellow comes with a Ferro rod and a multi-tool.