All-Season Fire Kit


Start a fire in any season under any conditions with the All-Season Fire Kit.

Kit includes:

  • Telescoping Pocket Fire Bellow (plus Ferro rod and multi-tool)
  • Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter
  • 5 Pack of 0.5 oz cans of Putty (2 summer blend, 2 winter blend, 1 eco blend)
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The All-Season Fire Kit allows you to start a fire whenever you need one. The kit comes with our Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter that gives you 300 strikes per charge, our Fire Bellow, and 5 0.5oz cans of putty. The 5 pack includes 2 cans of summer blend, 2 cans of winter blend, and 1 can of Ultra Lite blend. Plus, the Fire Bellow comes with a Ferro rod and a multi-tool.

Pyro Putty easily lights with a spark, arc, or flame, in any weather condition.

Dual-Arc Are you ready to replace those flimsy plastic lighters that run out of fuel or just simply don’t work? Pyro Putty is bringing The Future of Fire starting to you with our Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter! This lighter is plasma-based, meaning you don’t even need a flame. Wind, rain, snow, or cold can’t beat this lighter. It truly is mother nature proof! MUST HAVE FOR – HIKING, HUNTING, FISHING, CAMPING, BACKPACKING, ATV, UTV, SNOWMOBILE, BOATING, BEACH, SO MUCH MORE!

Fire Below | Polished Stainless Steel extendable fire bellow. Great for backpacking, camping, fishing and hunting. The fire bellow concentrates your oxygen helping to ignite wood, embers and charcoal.
  • Tapered Tip makes it easier to blow
  • Includes Carrying Case, Ferro Rod & Multi-Tool
  • Collapsed Length – 6.5 inches
  • Extended Length – 24 inches
  • 2.5 oz (Package Weight)
    1.3 oz (Bellow Only)