Grillmaster Kit


The Backyard Bundle includes:

  • Extendible Flexible Arc Lighter
  • 4oz Can of Competition Charcoal & BBQ Starter
  • The Cooler Tray

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The Grillmaster Kit is perfect for those that like to get after it in the backyard during the summer. You’ll be able to start your charcoal grill without lighter fluid, using the Competition Charcoal Starter. Trust me, the charcoal starter doesn’t leave your food tasting weird either.

You’ll ignite the Charcoal Starter with ease using the Extendable Rechargeable Arc Lighter. Your arm hair will stay intact! This lighter is sweet. If your grill is fancy enough, you can hang the lighter off of one of the hooks, so you’ll never be without it.

Lastly, you have to put your food and drinks somewhere. Am I right?! I like to keep everything right next to the grill in the cooler. But, you know what happens when it’s 80 degrees out? The ice melts…fast! That’s what The Cooler Tray is for. Drop The Cooler Tray into the bottom of your cooler, then stack all kinds of food and drinks on top of it. Spread ice over everything and watch the ice melt below the tray. Your food won’t get soggy. Can I get an AMEN!