Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter


  • 200 Strikes Per Charge
  • Telescopes 12 – 30 Inches
  • Flexible Arc Head
  • Safely Light fires, grills, candles and pilot lights.
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Stop singeing your hair lighting your campfires, grill or pilot light.  Pyro Putty’s new Telescopic Flexible Arc Head Lighter allows you to light your fire, stove, bbq or candle from a safe distance using its telescoping handle. It extends from 11 inches to 30 inches long. The extendible lighter will GET YOU LIT.
This USB rechargeable lighter uses an electric arc instead of a flame. This means wind can’t blow it out and does not require fluid. The flexible head allows you to get into the tricky spots to properly light the grill, fire or cinnamon candle to mask those unfriendly smells. With a full charge via micro-USB the lighter is capable of 200 strikes. (That’s a lot of campfires, grills, and candles to light)
Save your knuckle, arm, and eyebrow hair, with the Telescoping Arc Lighter from Pyro Putty