Single Foil Pack Sampler Kit


  • Free – you just cover the shipping costs.
  • Includes Winter, Summer, Eco, and Ultra-Lite Single-Use Foil Packs (1 each), plus a sticker
  • Single-Use Foil Pack
  • Enough Pyro Putty to get your fire started in any situation
  • Great for your Backpack, Glovebox, pocket, and beyond.
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The Single Foil Pack Sampler Kit allows you to try Pyro Putty for free. You just cover the shipping and handling costs.

You’ll get a single-use foil pack in our Winter, Summer, Eco, and Ultra-Lite blends (one of each). Plus, a sticker for your favorite fridge, cooler, or tumbler!

Winter Blue Blend

The Winter Blue Blend is thinner and is optimal in cold temperatures.

Summer Orange Blend

The proprietary Summer Orange Blend is thicker and performs best in warmer temperatures. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot, cold, wet, or windy, you can easily light it up with Pyro Putty!

Eco Green Blend

Our proprietary Eco Green Blend is made with 100% renewable resources and provides you the ability to build a fire at any given time.

Ultra-Lite Yellow Blend

The Ultra-Lite Yellow Blend features a broader temperature range, increased pliability in all conditions, increased flammability, and a brighter UV reaction.

We packed all these upgrades into our new blend while making it even more lightweight than our original blends! This is the perfect survival tool for anyone to have in their car or pack.

Pyro Putty Features


That’s right, we said it! Our innovative proprietary formula is backed by our No Questions Asked LIFETIME assurance.


It is our mission to keep you safe and dry! Pyro Putty performs where others will not. It will even stay lit while floating in water!


Just a quarter-size ball burns up to 15 Minutes! 1. Simply remove the desired amount of Pyro Putty| 2. Pull apart compound with fingers to expose ignition fibers| 3. Light It UP!


That will adhere to sticks, logs and numerous surfaces make Pyro Putty the most versatile fire starting solution available.


Compact and convenient transport. PYRO PUTTY is a must for backpackers, preppers, survivalists, outdoorsmen, adventurers, beachgoers, woodsman, hunting, camping, fishing, Overlanding, and much more!

So, take advantage of the Single Foil Pack Sampler Kit today!