Green Mega Bundle – Ferro Rod & Eco Blend


Green Mego Ferro Rod & 2OZ Can of Eco Pyro Putty.

With a fully concealed, functioning piston/cylinder big enough to store .5 oz of putty, this Green Mega Inferno Ferro striker is a big deal! With the stored putty and included a multi-tool knife, this is the ultimate setup for your car or pack.

To use, simply push the Ferro rod up to dispense the stored putty and use the included multi-tool knife to ignite!]

NOTE : a .5 oz can of Pyro Putty fits in the handle, you may store more Putty in the lid of the compartment.

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Green Mego Ferro Rod & 2 oz Can of Eco Pyro Putty. SAVE $$$

Key Features:
– Sturdy and Robust Lifetime Striking Rod
– Compartment to hold up to 1 Ounce of Pyro Putty Fire Starter
-2 oz Can of Eco Pyro Putty