Pyro Putty Emergency Candle Tool Kit


  • Great for those emergencies that you need a little heat or light.
  • Use with 2oz Cans of Pyro Putty (not included)
  • 4 to 5 hour burn time
  • Best used with ECO, Winter, Summer, and Stove & Pit Blends
  • Includes 1 single flame disc and 1 four flame disc
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The Emergency Candle Tool is a must-have for when the power goes out, especially if you’re in need of light or heat. You can use these Candle Tools to light up your immediate surroundings, warm your hands up, and even heat up your dinner.

Emergency Candle Tool Information

Warning: can get very HOT. Do not leave unattended while burning. Burn in a well-ventilated area.


  1. Remove the lid of a 2oz can of Pyro Putty
  2. Press and snap the Emergency Candle Tool into the top of the can until a small amount of Pyro Putty pushes through the center hole.
  3. Take your finger or some other instrument and pull up the fibers in the center hold of the tool.
  4. Light the fibers and tilt the can, so the flame heats the tool for a few seconds.
  5. Flame size is determined by the amount of Pyro Putty sticking out of the center hole. Pull more Pyro Putty out for a larger flame.
  6. As the Pyro Putty heats up, it will liquefy, and the tool will press down and continually feed fuel to the center of the tool.
  7. To extinguish the flame, simply press the Pyro Putty that’s on fire below the center hold of the tool. The flame will go out. Let cool before transporting.