Summer / Winter Single-Use Foil Packs – 50 Pack


UNLIMITED SHELF LIFE: That’s right, we said it! Our innovative proprietary formula is backed by our No Questions Asked LIFETIME assurance.
FULLY WATERPROOF & WEATHERPROOF: It is our mission to keep your safe and dry! Pyro Putty performs where others will not. It will even stay light while floating in water!
ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: Just a quarter size ball burns up to 15 Minutes! 1. Simply remove desired amount of Pyro Putty| 2. Pull apart compound with fingers to expose ignition fibers| 3. Light It UP!
INNOVATIVE & NON-TOXIC MALLEABLE FORMULA: that will adhere to sticks, logs and numerous surfaces makes Pyro Putty the most versatile fire starting solution available.
LIGHTWEIGHT: compact and convenient transport. PYRO PUTTY is a must for backpackers, preppers, survivalists, outdoorsman, adventurers, beach goers, woodsman, hunting, camping, fishing, overlanding and much more!


Key Features:
– 50 – Single-Use Foil Pack Bundle
– Include 25 Summer Single-Use & 25 Winter Single-Use
– Enough Pyro Putty to get your fire started in any situation
– Great for your Backpack, Glovebox, pocket, and beyond.
– Available in 20 Pack (See other listing) and 50 Pack.