Waterproof Fire Starter – Eco Green Blend


Our proprietary Eco Green Blend is made with 100% renewable resources and provides you the ability to build a fire at any given time. This small, .5 oz can packs a pretty big punch – giving you the resources you need to start up to 20 fires. You can make a 4 to 6 inch flame that will burn 6 to 10 minutes with just one nickel size piece of putty!

Pyro Putty can be used for more than just starting fires. If you need to mark a trail, simply expose the putty to UV light and it will glow in the dark. Or if you have water leaking into your shoes or tent, you can repair those leaks by rubbing them with Pyro Putty!

Life throws us curveballs every day – don’t get caught unprepared! Pyro Putty is a must-have for everyone!

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Key Features:
Lightweight fire-starter: The size of a nickel will burn for 6 to 10 minutes producing a 4-6 inch flame
Waterproof: Can be used for waterproofing repairs
Easy to use/Easy to light
Glow in the dark: great for starting fires at night or marking trails
Multi-fire Fire starter: Build up to 20 fires with ONE .5 oz can!