Single Use Foil Packs

Great for on-the-go

The reliable fire starter you have known to trust. Now available in single-use, easy-to-use packets. 

Just rip it, and LIGHT IT UP!

Store easily in your backpack, glove compartment, shirt pocket or anywhere you see fit. With Pyro Putty's Unlimited Shelf Life, it will be ready when you are. 

Available in a 20 pack or 50 pack. Also in a mixed pack that includes both of your favorite blends, our top-selling, Summer blend and Winter blend. 





Avoid touching the Pyro Putty. It is as simple as, Rip, Separate & Ignite. Compact and convenient transport.  PYRO PUTTY is a must for backpackers, preppers, survivalists, outdoorsman, adventurers, beach goers, woodsman, hunting, camping, fishing, overlanding and much more!