5 Easy and Effective Ignition Sources for Pyro Putty

I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like fire for one reason or another. The likes of glowing blazes on cold winter nights, the smell of barbecue pits, and lively discussion around campfires are the things dreams are made of. Humans have made fires for many thousands of years. What started as a survival-only endeavor has evolved into a lifestyle on many fronts. 

In basic terms, fire is the result of a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and some source of fuel (like wood). However, for any combustion reaction to occur, heat is needed to fuel the ignition.

Translation: you’ve got to have ignition. 

It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” We’ve all heard this simple axiom but it’s nonetheless true. A spark may seem like a small thing but it can kindle your experience both outside and inside. 

Like Pyro Putty, all fire-starting methods require an initial spark of some kind of fire source.

Fire building is an act most people kind of know how to do, though most don’t do it all that often. You can bumble your way through different processes and eventually achieve fire. Still, some ways are better than others. 

I’ve yet to find a better way to achieve warmth and ambiance via flame than with Pyro Putty. Coming in a small tin or foil pack, this lightweight substance can fuel any undertaking requiring heat and flame. 

The Spark

But back to the spark. 

Like with any other kindling source, you’ve got to have ignition. It only takes a small pinch of Pyro Putty for any-sized fire, and luckily there are several good ignition alternatives to pair with it. 

Here are just a few of them.

The Primitive

Whether for cooking, comfort, or even signaling for help, fire is often a necessity. While there are several more modern ignition sources, there will always be the more primitive and outside of the box hacks available. They can all be used in conjunction with the ease of pyro putty. 

Methods include striking flint together, using lenses to focus sunlight on it, or even creating friction between a 9-volt battery terminal and steel wool. 

You’d be amazed at the number of makeshift ignition sources that can be used along with a little Pyro Putty. So, if you don’t have matches, you’re not dead in the water. Nevertheless, with a little planning, there are better, more modern alternatives.

Simple Butane Lighter

There has long since been plenty of cheap lighters on the market for fire starting. From the traditional cigarette lighter, to the elongated barbecue lighter, adding flame to Pyro Putty is a click away. While my favorite is the windproof lighter, you can usually find a simple lighter in the grocery store checkout lane.


While it’s tempting to say enough said, the age-old method of using matches will always have its place. After all, they’re cheap and ultra-available. 

Your go-to ignition source notwithstanding, always ensure you have dry matches and a striking source on hand. Just remember to keep them as dry as possible when packing them for outdoor applications like camping, hunting, and hiking.

Arc Lighters

The Pyro Putty Elite Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter is an ultra-efficient ignition source.

This is my favorite all-around fire-starting source. Arc lighters like Pyro Putty’s Elite Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter are dependable, lightweight, and are even rechargeable. In basic terms, Arc lighters use a very hot spark from a high-voltage electrical current. Coming from a very concentrated area, it will ignite a pinch of Pyro Putty quickly and efficiently.  

Ferro Rod/Striker

Friction continues to be a common and effective way to create fire. However, you don’t have to rub rocks, wood, or flint together to benefit from this approach to fire starting. Another option available for creating friction is with the use of a Ferro Rod or fire steel. 

A fire steel is a great fire-starting tool. While often thought of as a backup plan, it’s a great method altogether. 

Pyro Putty Ferro Rod System

Many Ferro Rod Systems like Pyro Putty’s Mega Inferno model even provide storage for putty and other kindling.

Ferrocerium is a manmade metallic material that yields extremely hot sparks (over 3,000-degrees Fahrenheit). When rubbed against a sharp blade or tough surface, this primitive, yet improved method will start hundreds of fires (if not more). 

Ferro rod systems like Pyro Putty’s Compact Inferno Ferro Rod, are sturdy lightweight, and about the size of a ballpoint pen. Even better, many models come with a chamber for kindling such as Pyro Putty.

The need for fire ranges from the backyard fire pits to the unforeseen emergency at home or in the woods. While it is often taken for granted, there is nothing more important than a good ignition source when wanting or needing to establish a fire. 

Sure, there are several primitive means, but don’t overlook the more modern methods that will fuel your next social gathering, meal, or survival situation. 

Better yet, don’t just rely on one. Be ready to use multiple approaches. 

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