Growing Fire: Terra Cotta Pots and Pyro Putty

Outdoor ambiance, conversation, and cooking are reasons why firepits are as popular as ever. From backcountry settings and hunting camps to patios and gardens, everyone loves a good fire to hunker around. While there are a lot of good alternatives on the market, there are also likely a few options laying around in your yard, storage shed, or garden.

One item you likely already own is the Terra Cotta Pot. While these common vessels may seem pedestrian in nature, you should take another look.

They represent one of the best fire pit hacks around. That’s right, a common clay flower pot. Available in several sizes, they’re cheap, full of utility, and so much more than a vessel for flowers. They can be home to some pretty awesome porch and outdoor tabletop fires to enjoy with friends and family.

They also pair well with Pyro Putty.

Why? Well, besides costing little or nothing, they require a slow steady fire-starting method. Heat them too fast and the clay will crack, and sometimes break. While Pyro Putty will get you to fire in only a few minutes, it does so in a steadier and more controlled manner; ideal for any clay pot even chimneys.

The end result is hours of enjoyment as a warm addition to any patio or other outdoor space.

Here are some simple steps:

  • First off, pick your outdoor site. Whether on a tabletop or on the ground, make sure the pot is far enough away from other objects. If on the ground, make sure it’s bare dirt or rock. In either location, it’s always a good idea to place it on bricks, a paving tile, or concrete.
  • Drill a hole (or two) on the side(s) for airflow and line the pot with aluminum foil. The holes allow more oxygen into the pot. Much like a charcoal grill, this will allow for a longer burn.
  • Place a small amount of kindling (dead grass, leaves, twigs) in the bottom of the pot. Place a pinch of Pyro Putty underneath it and light.
  • Intermittently add more kindling, graduating up to larger pieces. Wood chunks from the store or cut from logs and branches are a great choice for a terra cotta fire. Mixing in charcoal is good too, especially if you plan to cook over it.
  • For the first 10-15 minutes, maintain only a small fire. This gives the terra cotta clay a chance to slowly increase in heat. This prevents breaking the clay. This is where Pyro Putty is ideal for such a fire. After the initial warm-up, stoke the fire and add the larger pieces to achieve the type of fire you desire.

Regardless of the season, extending our time outside with friends and family makes for great ambiance and fellowship. Controlled terra cotta fires are a welcome addition year-round, particularly during cooler temperatures.

Give your pocketbook a break and an entertaining game a boost with Pyro Putty and a clay pot. You can use a standard orange pot or even choose a more stylish one if you wish. Pyro Putty’s weather-proof formula comes in a variety of blends suited for different seasons and even cooking. However, all of them can be cooked over. As such, the clay pot-Pyro Putty team is ideal for smores.

Finally, if you don’t have one laying around or want a particular design to match your outdoor space, there are many terra cotta pots on the market at affordable prices.

Add flair to your backyard or garden experience with Pyro Putty and a clay pot. It’s a great addition to any patio or outdoor kitchen area.


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