Waterproof fire starter for summer temperatures

Product Review: New Fire-Starting Solution Designed for Backcountry Hunters

For the modern hunter, weight and reliability are the two most critical factors when selecting gear that gets stowed in their pack. Whether you hunt sheep, backcountry elk, or simply make day trips after the elusive West Texas Aoudad, having gear that is 100% rock solid is a must. And, whether you find yourself in a survival situation, needing heat, or just looking to get the fire going back at camp, Pyro Putty has a modern-day fire-starting solution that passes both weight and reliability tests. It’s something to really consider when packing up for your next hunt.

Now, don’t quote me on this, but I think the saying goes something like “ounces turn into pounds, and ultimately, that’s what’s on your back.” These days, the gear that is made available to us hunters is simply astonishing. Companies finally understand that having lightweight solutions for all gear is absolutely a must. And, hunters that are heading out for 10 or more days in some of the roughest terrains cannot be bogged down with heavy gear.

So, whether it be through the use of carbon fiber, titanium, or a plethora of other lightweight solutions, outdoor gear manufacturers understand that today’s hunters carry everything on their shoulders and weight really does matter in the end. And, as we all know, even the smallest piece of gear can add to your overall carry weight. Trust me when I say that the team over at Pyro Putty fully understands this and is significantly changing the way that backcountry fires can be started.

In the early days, starting your campfire seemed to be a real hit-or-miss operation. It took dry wood, some kindling, no wind or rain, and an act of cooperation from the Good Lord above to get that fire lit. Unfortunately, as we all know, hunting in the backcountry doesn’t always bring sunny days and plenty of available dry wood to spark with a flint. This is where a tiny tin of Pyro Putty’s new fire-starting solution has revolutionized the game.

Summer and winter waterproof fire-starting solution

Even in the .5-ounce tin, there is enough putty for many fires. Pictured: Summer/Winter blends.

After my first experience with Pyro Putty, I can honestly tell you that it’s the best modern-day fire-starting alternative for your pack. When you first glance at the half-dollar-sized tin, you’ll probably have the puzzled look of œthere’s no way there’s enough putty in this tin for what I need”. Well, that’s dead wrong. After unscrewing the lid, and pulling out some Putty about the size of a nickel, I was shocked with how it can be pulled apart to almost resemble a tiny clump of hay. And once you see that, it’s evident that there’s enough Putty in one tin to start more than a week’s worth of fires for any hunting trip.

Now, in my testing scenario, I started multiple fires with the recommended amount of Putty. And just to be sure, I tried it wet, dry, and also in some serious wind. Each time, the product lit instantly and stayed lit well long enough to catch my kindling on fire (about 10 minutes), allowing me to easily add larger pieces of wood. It’s honestly surprising how simple this stuff is to use and how it can instantly help to get fire lit – even in some of the worst weather. Backcountry hunters will find serious relief knowing that carrying a tiny tin of this stuff is a sure-fire way to get what you need lit in a hurry.

Waterproof fire starter flame

A formidable fire can be achieved in short order with just a tiny pinch.

This product comes in several different variations and finding the right tin of Pyro Putty can be determined by the outside temperature that you’ll be using it in. And, regardless of which one you choose, all of them have additional uses, other than just fire starting. All of these can glow in the dark and can be rubbed onto tents and boots to help seal small tears.

What impresses me the most about this product is its ability to instantly catch fire. I’ve had my share of frustrating campfires and trying to get them going. To me, this stuff completely bypasses that initial frustration, allowing you to get a good fire up and running, even if you find yourself in some of the harshest weather. And having that peace of mind in the backcountry is worth more than gold. Give this stuff some serious thought when you’re planning your hunt and don’t let the fierce weather of the backcountry dictate your ability to start a fire.

This article on our new fire-starting solution was written by Mike Reeber, who is a Texas-based hunting guide, wild game chef, and outdoor writer. You can find his content at NortheasternBowhunter.com.

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