Summertime Reminder: Outdoor Cooking Requires Only a Pinch

Sweat filled my brow as I loaded the truck for the weekend festivities. While I looked forward to the annual lakeside reunion of old friends, the exercise turned cumbersome, as I intermittently remembered all I would need. In charge of outdoor cooking duties, the packing list was growing by the minute. Smoker, check; Grilling tools, check; Seasonings, check. The whole song and dance came to a halt when it came to fire-starting needs. Luckily, long gone were the days of bringing clunky charcoal chimneys and my arch-nemesis, the sloppy canister of lighter fluid; you know, the one that always finds a way to spill along the way? The small tin of Pyro Putty fire-starter wasn’t in my loaded tote. It didn’t need to be because it hardly ever leaves my glove box. Yeah, there was half a tin full of Pyro Putty Summer Blend in there. In terms of the 2 to 3 small blazes I would need, I was covered.

Fire-starter, check.

For good measure, I fetched a second small container of Pyro Putty for the trip, this time, the Competition Charcoal Blend. While I’ve used a few blends for outdoor cooking, this one is by far my favorite for the grill, smoker, and campsite fire ring.

Can of Pyro Putty next to a piece of wood and a lighter

Pyro Putty Competition Charcoal Blend is a great choice for outdoor cooking

It’s here. Finally, popping embers, flickering flames, and flavor-wielding smoke. Like clockwork, the many spaces of outdoor America bring a horde of recreation and leisure opportunities. It’s one of those dependable and welcomed rites of passage. These special times aren’t reserved only for Memorial Day Weekend or the Fourth of July either. This trek was to be the first in a long line of summer barbeques, campouts, beach trips, and the like.

The Basic Benefits of Pyro Putty for Cooking

Right off the bat, a tiny clump of Pyro Putty shines. We’ve already established that it’s small in size, lightweight, and hence, easy to pack. But there is much more.

Outdoor cooking is just that €“ it’s done outside. This pliable substance is waterproof, wind-resistant, and works well in extreme outdoor temperatures.

As far as the actual cooking, Pyro Putty offers an even cooking solution from the onset. After lighting a pinch and resting it on dried twigs and leaves, a fire is achieved in seconds. The only other task is to intermittently add more kindling, graduating in size. Additionally, the charcoal blend in particular burns clean, maintaining a natural flame-grilled flavor. This is a far cry from the taste of starter fluid. For smoking, I really like the controlled heat it affords me. It’s so much better than building an overly-charged blaze at the hands of lighter fluid. This is specifically true for smoking meats where a big initial fire necessitates waiting for it to reach low to moderate heat.

Barbeque Grill with open flame

Controlled, yet easy, Pyro Putty is a better alternative to the bonfire effect of lighter fluid.

For The More Crucial Moments

The simple cadence of bringing fire to life with Pyro Putty means learning to do it successfully in wilder settings. For the outdoor guys and gals that like to push the limits by traversing more backcountry venues or; anyone that likes to be prepared for emergencies, fun, and leisurely outdoor cooking sessions are opportunities to master this wonderful cooking method.

The cadence of fire-starting for picnics, neighborhood block parties, and non-primitive camping is an opportunity to hone skills for the next elk hunt, primitive hiking, and camping journey, or extended power outage. For this reason, it’s also a great chance to employ other means of ignition such as dual arc lighters and Ferro rods. Just food for thought.

But back to the more leisurely outdoor cooking pursuits. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy more outdoor meals with friends and family, gather around. Marshmallows around the chiminea, burgers by the RV, and smoked brisket at the neighborhood park require little more than a pinch.

Summertime is upon us. Pack light, make fire and create your next outdoor culinary masterpiece.

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