The Perfect Fit: Pyro Putty for Homesteading

Homesteading is all the rage these days. Do you not notice it? If not, it’s largely because homesteaders by definition, are living simple lives at home on many small and medium-sized properties across the world.

Not to be confused with Amish communities and communes, homesteading is defined by the lifestyle choices of individuals and families. Foremost, it’s a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, including subsistence gardening, food from livestock, food preservation, and sometimes, the production of household items for use or for sale. Some even live completely off the grid.

Usually involving a family (or family group) living together on a single property this growing demographic combines their self-reliant lifestyle with survival. As for the latter, the goal of maximizing self-dependence results in readiness for when things turn ugly; dangerous weather and loss of power come to mind.

Whether for day-to-day life or planning and surviving emergency situations, homesteaders need fire and a dependable fire-starting solution, beyond the oven, stove, and microwave.
At the end of the day, converting Betsy the chicken to dinner for several people will require a quality fire-starting method for the grill, smoker, or firepit. The same goes for staying warm when temperatures dip to uncomfortable levels.

While homestead and survival cooking often bring thoughts of clever and sometimes rudimentary fire-starting hacks, there’s no better method than Pyro Putty Firestarter, and there are a lot of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

McGyver Not Required

First off, homesteading doesn’t mean you have to achieve fire via flint, batteries, steel wool, or magnifying glasses. Being resourceful is good, but you can’t beat a fail-safe method stemming from an effective product found online and on storefront shelves.

Enter Pyro Putty.

A small pinch of Pyro Putty is all that’s needed to establish fire on the homestead for both cooking and warmth.

Small is Big

About the size of a hockey puck, a tin of Pyro Putty will make produce many fires. Doesn’t seem homesteady? Relax. Keep in mind that the can itself has utility after that last pinch has been used. You can use it to store many items, such as medicine, seeds, and matches. Some of the same benefits Pyro Putty has for mobile endeavors can be seized at home. From the preparedness stash to the kitchen drawer, you get big results from a small tin.

A 2-ounce can of Pyro Putty fits in the palm of your hand, meaning it makes a space-saving member of your fire-starting and preparedness supply.

A 2-ounce can of Pyro Putty fits in the palm of your hand, meaning it makes a space-saving member of your fire-starting and preparedness supply.


Pyro Putty is waterproof. I could probably drop the mic there. With a nickel-sized piece and an ignition source, you can establish a flame in about 15 minutes. This window is ample time to add kindling and ultimately larger pieces of wood. For ignition, you only need matches, a butane lighter, a dual arc lighter, or Ferro rod and striker. You’re in business, even during wet conditions.
Hint: Maintain a stash of dry kindling, such as dried grasses, twigs, leaves, and, of course, larger pieces of wood for sustained fire.

Long Lasting

You know those old AA batteries or aspirin that have been in your cabinet since the Bush years? Expiration dates are not a thing with Pyro Putty. With an unlimited shelf life, you’ve hit a survival stash home run just by having a tin or two at your disposal. Throw in the No Questions Asked LIFETIME Guarantee, and the sparks will always fly at home when you need them to.

Additional Uses

Finally, Pyro Putty offers more than just the creation of fire. It can plug tent leaks and, thanks to its vivid colors and clinging qualities, make for effective trail marking. Homesteaders appreciate anything with multiple capabilities.


Whether for the fireplace or firepit, all the above add up to a steadfast solution for achieving fire at the homestead. A piece of Pyro Putty means peace of mind.

Pyro Putty yields steady, efficient, and dependable fires, a must for both homesteading and survival.

Knowing how to build and sustain is an essential survival and homesteading skill. However, it doesn’t have to mean using fundamental and rudimentary tools and methods. Rather, Pyro Putty for homesteading provides a more reliable fire-starting experience at home. Like for any outdoor hobbyist, a pinch is all you need to thrive and survive on your self-sufficient life on the compound.

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