Utility in a Can: 5 Great Ways to Actively Use Pyro Putty

As a dyed-in-the-wool deer hunter, I regularly come across a lot of outdoor products, from the revolutionary to the downright silly. The gimmicky nature of some products never ceases to amaze me. Still, utility-filled products continue to hit the market. As far as hunting goes, revolutionary products have included everything from headlamps, trail cameras, tree saddles, and laser rangefinders, along with countless others.

When measuring the usefulness of outdoor gear (or any gear for that matter), its overall handiness is arguably the best measuring stick. When I dig through my hunting bags, I find everything from broadheads and bullets, to rattling bags and deer lures. Many of these items are hunting-specific.

Pyro Putty comes in a variety of formulas ideas for different situations.

However, there are also more accommodating items serving multi-purposes. There is no better example than Pyro Putty Firestarter.  

While, my first experiences with Pyro Putty had much to do with deer camp fire-pits, the remarkable utility of this simple and flexible putty has taken on many other uses. The best part is they have come to extend beyond the hunting camp and backwoods settings.

There are several words associated with Pyro Putty that boldly justify its worthiness. Descriptions include “lightweight”, “small”, “portable”, “inexpensive”, and, yes, “functional”. For these and other reasons, I use it year-round.

Here are just 5 common uses for Pyro Putty from the bitter cold of winter to the dog days of summer.

Outdoor Warmth and Ambience

From the deer camp to the backyard, there is nothing like gathering around a community fire. Staring at glowing flames and embers brings both great thoughts and conversation. For the cooler temps, a controlled blaze born of a pinch of Pyro Putty also provides the gift of warmth.

Preparedness and Survival

Despite being a diehard hunter, this use should probably top the list. Pyro putty is ideal for any preparedness kit. A small tin of the putty along with any ignition source means heat is only minutes away when things turn nasty. Pyro putty is waterproof and one tin will afford you double-digit fires for those times when you find yourself without power. For the same reasons, it’s a great item to keep in your automobile. Simply put, Pyro Putty is a great addition to your first-aid and other survival gear.

The Grill and Smoker

As a perpetual wannabe backyard chef, Pyro Putty has been my grilling and smoking sidekick for years. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also a great alternative to the messy and sometimes explosive nature of lighter fluid.

By adding small kindling to a lit pinch of the putty, it allows me to achieve a controlled fire from the get-go. No pyrotechnics, no fuss.

The Backpack

As far as hunting goes, there are the friendly confines of hunting camp and there are the backwoods settings much farther from the truck. While Pyro Putty is useful for the former, it’s ultra-valuable for backcountry settings. That’s why it’s an ideal addition to any hunting pack.

For planned fires or, for that matter, unexpected dangerous conditions, Pyro Putty can provide a cooking source and even life-saving warmth. Obviously, camping, hiking, and other primitive outdoor activities apply here too. Remember, it only takes up inches and ounces in your pack.

The Gift Closet

Finally, Pyro Putty’s practicality and flexibility make it a great gift for anyone wanting a fire in outdoor spaces. From stocking stuffers to gift packages, the gift of smoke and flame comes in a small, lightweight can. It comes in a variety of formulas for different temperatures and uses.

So, don’t just stock up for yourself but for friends and family. They won’t be disappointed.

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