Culinary Ignition: Pyro Putty Fuels Low and Slow Cooking

Grilling and Smoking season is just around the corner. This is a great thing, but, when it comes down to it, there is practically no bad time to cook outdoors. Can I get an Amen?

Barbecue maestros, both novice and intermediate, make their way to their grills, smokers, and firepits year-round. Aside from the various cooking vessels, there are a few items needed for success; spatulas, tongs, carving knives, and go-to rubs and seasonings, just to name a few.

Chock-full of marbled greatness, platters of meat are produced that any non-vegetarian or non-vegan patron flocks to. Whether shredded and assembled on buns or tortillas or piled high on a plate, such meals are priceless.

As for the low and slow crowd preparing briskets, pork shoulders, and other precious cuts of meat, there is also a need for a good ignition and fire-starting regimen; a no-fuss method that is both dependable and controlled. This is where Pyro Putty comes in handy. This marvel is ready, steady, and easy. As for the controlled part, you won’t see any explosive effects when applying a pinch to the kindling and coals in your pit or fire ring.

Lighter fluid need not apply. Ask any serious slow cookers of meat. A pinch of Pyro Putty marks the genesis of the perfect fire for smoking meats. While controlled, fires born of this flexible material only take minutes to build; No production and less mess.

There are a few other reasons to pair Pyro Putty with your next meaty masterpiece.

Good Value

Everybody loves inexpensive gear that delivers the goods. Pyro Putty fits the bill. From small tins to foil pouches, you can get this substance for a song. As a frame of reference, a 2-ounce tin affords you about 50 fires for about $12. The magic starts with just one pinch.

Rapid Ignition-Long Retention

Just a pinch of Pyro Putty will have you well on your way toward a suitable fire for smoking meats.

Whether using a match, barbecue lighter, Ferro Rod, or plasma arc lighter, you can have a full-fledged fire ready for your meat of choice in minutes. For good measure, it’s waterproof and lasts about 15 minutes.


Pyro Putty is non-toxic, petroleum-free, and burns clean! It’s designed to be environmentally friendly and entirely safe for use inside. While most outdoor cooks prefer to well, cook outside, the fact that it can be safely used indoors speaks volumes.

Flexibility and Portability

Lighter fluid is messy and often creates explosive results (see above). Pyro Putty is a safer, more controlled method of fire-starting.

This proprietary, patent-pending putty is pliable, sticky, and convenient. It’s easy to fuse to kindling, logs, or charcoal. As the biggest package of Pyro Putty, the 2-ounce tin is about the same size as a hockey puck; but much lighter. A bottle of lighter fluid isn’t.

Unlimited Shelf Life

Once you put Pyro Putty to the test, you’ll use it often. Still, the innovative formula lasts forever. As such, it comes with a No Questions Asked LIFETIME guarantee.

Special Formulas

Using Pyro Putty yields great results for low and slow cooking such as this pork shoulder (pulled pork).

While you can effectively cook over fires rooted in Pyro Putty, there are even a couple of blends specifically made for cooking; Competition Charcoal BBQ Starter and Stove and Pit. The former is my favorite as it offers a natural fire-grilled flavor every time. The Stove and Pit blend offers a non-toxic, cinnamon-scented fire starter that works inside. For example, it works well with wood-burning stoves.

Pyro Putty’s proprietary blend allows you to build a fire at any given time. Cold, hot, wet and wind are no match for it.

Do you like to cook low and slow? If so, add Pyro Putty to your meat-smoking arsenal. It will give your slow-cooking culinary pursuits a boost.

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