Waterproof Fire Starter – Ultra Lite Yellow Blend – 2 Oz Can


Pyro Putty’s light weight, proprietary blend just got better! Our Ultra Lite Yellow Blend features a broader temperature range, increased pliability in all conditions, increased flammability, and a brighter UV reaction. We packed all these upgrades into our new blend, while making it even more lightweight than our original blends! This is the perfect survival tool for anyone to have in their car or pack – Get lit with Pyro Putty!

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  • LIGHTER WEIGHT THAN ORIGINAL: We cut 1/8 of the weight so you can carry more with you in the same 2oz can.
  • INCREASED FLAMMABILITY: Ultra-lite has twice the flammability of the winter, summer or eco which allows it to reach a full burn-in half of the time.
  • QUICK IGNITION: Along with double the acceleration the ability to light the ultra-lite with a Ferro rod is extremely easy, in close comparison to lighting char-cloth.
  • BRIGHTER UV REACTION: The neon yellow color makes it brighter and visible at longer distances under a UV flashlight or headlamp.
  • BROADER TEMPERATURE RANGE FOR INCREASED PLIABILITY IN ALL CONDITIONS: The optimal usage temp range is SEE NEW GRAPHIC making it perfect for use from Spring to Fall.