The Gift of Heat and Flame: Pyro Putty Firestarter

Comfort and warmth. It’s safe to say these are two things that everybody seeks. From life and death situations to regular quality of life, these qualities often go together. As a noun, comfort means a state of contentment and ease, while warmth is a moderate degree of heat; the sensation of being warm. Comfort at the hands of warmth is common and, as a verb, comfort is to relieve the distress or suffering of; to provide comfort to

There is no doubt that heat and warmth are necessary for everyday life. Many of us are blessed with central heat in our homes and vehicles. The luxury of heat and warmth becomes more difficult to achieve when out in the elements. 

This is why Pyro Putty Firestarter is such an important component for outdoor activities, whether unexpected or planned. The former is common during the likes of power outages and car troubles. The latter comes into play for everyday heating needs, such as in fireplaces, community fire pits, and campfires; those situations that boost your quality of life when the air turns chilly. 

The waterproof dependability of the putty found in small tins of Pyro Putty provides utility and, in some cases, peace of mind. It’s a gift.

The number of applications for Putty is many, including emergencies, hunting, backpacking, and socializing.

So, whether preparing for potential winter emergencies, making a holiday fire to enjoy with friends and family, or even preparing hot meals, keeping a couple of tins around is academic. Along with an ignition source, such as a butane lighter, matches, or a Ferro rod, you are in business, regardless of the weather. 

Hints for Use

    • Despite being waterproof, keep a small stash of dry kindling on hand.
    • Keep Pyro Putty with your preparedness stash, in your backpack, and your vehicle.
  • For colder temperatures, use Pyro Putty’s Winter Blend for best results.

Pyro Putty Winter Blend Features and Specs

  • designed thinner specifically for cold temperatures
  • Ideal for temperatures -10° F to 60° F
  • Burns Clean
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Ignition
  • Available in .5 and 2-ounce tins
  • Get about 20 fires from a .5-ounce tin!
  • Makes a great gift

To achieve heat and warmth in cold temperatures, use Pyro Putty’s Winter Blend, which is specifically made for chilly conditions.

Get yourself some peace of mind, as well as the ability to supercharge your outdoor ambiance through fire. Further, give the gift of warmth and comfort afforded by Pyro Putty to friends and family. Final hint; at about the size of a hockey puck, these ultra-useful tins are great under the Christmas tree and fit perfectly in holiday stockings.


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